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May 4, 2019
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Bitcoin Cash ‘Chain-Splitting’ Bug was Detected by Bitcoin Core Developers

It has emerged that the “unknown person” who notified Bitcoin ABC developers of a vulnerability in Bitcoin Cash which would have resulted in the unintended split of the altcoin’s network is actually a Bitcoin Core (bitcoin’s primary software implementation) developer.

In a Medium blog post, Corey Fields uncovered that he was in charge of namelessly and secretly advising Bitcoin ABC of the SIGHASH_BUG in Bitcoin Cash on April 25 this year. As indicated by Fields, who works for MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative, if the defenselessness had been effectively misused it would have brought about influencing bitcoin to money exchanges hazardous, hence undermining the fourth-biggest cryptographic money by advertise capitalization.

Bitcoin’s Biggest Threat

In a similar post, Fields cautioned that the best risk confronting bitcoin is identified with programming advancement.

“I’m regularly asked at meetings and workshops what I consider to be Bitcoin’s most prominent test later on. My answer is dependably the same: maintaining a strategic distance from calamitous programming bugs,” he composed.

As indicated by Fields, the danger postured by programming bugs with respect to cryptographic forms of money is disparaged and organizations in the space must make satisfactory arrangements for these sorts of dangers. For instance, Fields portrayed the circles and circles he needed to hop through before he could advise Bitcoin ABC of the weakness.

Some portion of the issue was that Bitcoin ABC did not have a mindful revelation approach. Furthermore, Fields couldn’t discover freely accessible encryption keys for the lead engineers at Bitcoin ABC to whom he could send scrambled message educating them of the helplessness without gambling it being seen by others.

‘People Have Been Killed for Much Less’

According to Fields, it was also important to remain anonymous for personal safety reasons just in case a malicious actor discovered the vulnerability and went on to exploit it before a fix could be rolled out. This would be problematic as suspicions could fall on Fields.

“Because I used my name for the disclosure, hard proof would exist that I had the knowledge and means to attack the network. I would have no way to prove that I was not the attacker. Then consider that, collectively, billions of dollars could have been lost as a result of this exploit. People have been killed for much less,” wrote Fields.

At the time when Bitcoin ABC announced that the vulnerability had been fixed, it was revealed that a reward would be given to the then-anonymous tipster once they went public. In his blog post, Fields did not disclose whether he has claimed the reward.

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